Monday, September 27, 2010

After taking a 2 year + some months off from this whole blogging thing, I've decided to update! Motivation to do this comes from my fiancee, Cindy and I thank her for that :) I'll write more later but I'll do a quick run down of my life, or at least my recent life:

-I got back from my mission to southern France 4 months ago last saturday.
- I'm currently attending BYU-I, majoring in History Education.
- I'm happily engaged to Miss Cynthia Clawson and we are set to be married in the Salt Lake Temple on December 21st.
- I worked for a lanscaping company over the summer and learned many good life skills. Never becoming involved in poltics is one of those things
- I work as an usher here on campus.

I'm loving life, as busy as it can be, and I'm SOOO excited for the future!!